Welcome to the Team!

We are so happy that you are here! Let's make a difference together! This would be a great page for you to bookmark so you can visit this page if you ever need to reach out or need to download the packets.

Please DO NOT share the username and password for this page.

There are 6 total Starter Packets.

3 for the Organization Leader and 3 for the Sellers. You should only reference the Starter Packet that fits your campaign.

1. Online: Your organization sells the cookies virtually - sending potential buyers to the website to purchase the products.

2. Sell Then Pay: Your organization sells the cookies and collects all the payments from the buyers.

3. Pre-Purchase: If your organization is able to pre-purchase in bulk.

NOTE: The "Organization Leader" packet is JUST FOR YOU, the Organization Leader. Do not share this.

NOTE: The "Seller" packet is for your SELLERS. EVERY Seller needs to get a packet. Please download and send or give them to your sellers if they have not received them already. You may also share this link with them so they can download it directly: cookies4causes.com/start

REMINDER: Each Seller Must Sign Up and Must Receive an Individual ID before selling. cookies4causes.com/seller

ORDER FORMS: A PDF file of the main Order Sheets is included with the necessary Starter Packets. These are NOT to be used for the Online program. If you need some printed and mailed to you, please request them using the form below. request order sheets

The Starter Packet is compressed into a .zip folder. Simply download the .zip file to your computer and double click to open its contents. If you cannot open a .zip file, you can download a FREE extractor application. There are several options for both Mac and PC...

One example for a PC computer is 7zip: 7-zip.org
One example for a Mac (apple) computer is iZip: izip.com

If you want to convert any PDF's into image files, you can use free online tools to do so after you fill out the information needed on the PDF file.

One example is Adobe: adobe.com/acrobat/online/pdf-to-jpg.html
Another example is PDF to Image: pdftoimage.com/pdf-to-jpg
If you would like to add text to an Image: text2photo.com

If you cannot open a PDF file, you can download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE: get.adobe.com